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5 CONFIRMED Narcissistic Love Patterns Red Flags

Okay, so you might think everything’s all rosy when you first fall for a narcissist, but don’t be fooled. Your relationship could turn into a major mess down the road. That’s why it’s super important to watch out for narcissistic love patterns, so you can steer clear of these toxic relationships. Here are five signs to look out for: (You’ve been warned!)

This love pattern is harmful because it comes off like your partner genuinely cares about you 24/7, but it’s too obsessive. They’re creating a world where they could control you and make you feel like the worst person in the world.

Here are top 5 narcissistic love patterns to watch in a relationship:

1. Love Bombing:

Well, let me tell you, this is a sneaky trick that narcissists might use to get someone to fall for them and be super devoted. Basically, they’ll be all over you, giving you tons of affection and gifts, like they’re trying to win some prize. At first, it might seem sweet, right? (Wrong!) But really, it’s just a way for them to manipulate and control your feelings and actions. Trust me, it’s not as romantic as it seems! (Ugh, gross!) Anyway, moving on…

2. Idealization and devaluation:

Okay, so when a narcissist first starts seeing someone, they might act like the person is the best thing since sliced bread, right? They’ll make their partner feel super special and adored. But once they feel like they’ve got their partner wrapped around their finger, they might start tearing them down and criticizing them all the time. It’s super confusing and hurtful for the victim, who might feel like they’re not good enough anymore. Like, what gives? (Seriously, what gives?) Anyway, just wanted to throw that out there.

3. Control and manipulation:

Alright, so another thing that narcissists do is try to control their partner’s every move. They want to feel like they’re the boss and have all the power in the relationship. So, they’ll use all sorts of mind games to get their way, like making their partner feel guilty or doubting their own memories (you know, gaslighting). And if that doesn’t work, they might threaten to withdraw love or affection. It’s all just a way for them to feel superior and in charge. But for the victim, it can be super draining and make them feel like they don’t have any independence or control anymore. (It’s not a good feeling, let me tell you.)

4. Lack of empathy:

Okay, so one more thing that narcissists do is not really care about their partner’s feelings and needs. (Like, at all.) They might even make fun of them or completely ignore them when their partner tries to express how they feel. It’s super hurtful and can really damage the relationship. The victim might feel like they’re not being listened to or supported by their partner. (Which, let’s be real, they’re not.)

5. Infidelity:

And one more thing: narcissists don’t really care about being faithful. They’ll do whatever they want, even if it means cheating on their partner. (Like, seriously, how selfish can you get?) They just care about themselves and their own desires, and they don’t really think about how their actions might hurt their partner. It’s a total betrayal and can make the victim feel disrespected and worthless. (I mean, it’s a pretty crappy thing to do.)

6. Discarding:

And finally, if a narcissist gets bored of their partner or decides they’re not meeting their needs anymore, they might just dump them out of nowhere. (Like, seriously, no warning or anything.) It’s super sudden and painful for the victim, who might feel like they’ve been thrown away without a second thought. (Talk about a cold shoulder!) It’s just another example of how narcissists only care about themselves and don’t really think about how their actions affect other people.

So, to sum it up, narcissists can be really manipulative and selfish in relationships. They might shower their partner with attention and gifts at first, but then start tearing them down and controlling their every move. They might not care about their partner’s feelings or needs, and might even cheat on them. And if they get bored or feel like their partner isn’t meeting their needs anymore, they might just dump them without any warning or consideration for their feelings. It’s all just a way for them to feel superior and in control, and it can be really hurtful and damaging for the victim. It’s important to be aware of these red flags and protect yourself from narcissistic abuse, avoid these narcissistic love patterns in order to protect yourself from the beginning of a relationship.

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