A dangerous broken heart

How Dangerous Is a Broken Heart?

Life feels pretty chaotic in most parts of the world right now. Many parts of the world are looking at how their society is run. Many countries are trying to make legitimate and positive changes. America is especially chaotic right now and for a good reason. People are sick of being heartbroken by the way our society is turning out. We have collectively grown more isolated and depressed since the Industrial Revolution. The problem has gotten significantly worse since 1999. This is enough to break anyone’s heart.

At the end of the day, you can have everything you ever wished for. However, if you don’t strive for community and connectedness, you aren’t going to be happy. Many celebrities have committed suicide for this very reason.

Suicide rates have increased by nearly 60% in some states of America. Sometimes trying to figure out the root of the problem is too difficult. Therefore, many people try to hide from their sadness with medication. Not to say medication isn’t a priority for some. Yet, too many issues are getting disregarded as illnesses. Yet, they’re actually societal problems.

That said, 49% of people who commit suicide do it because of relationship issues. Continue reading below to learn more about the dangers of a broken heart.

We live in a throw-away culture that teaches us to go after what we want in life, even if that means going after it alone. Yet, this mentality is what is killing so many people.

Relationships are a key function of the human condition. In other words, they’re a necessity. Without relationships, daily life can become too lonely to bear for some people. A relationship doesn’t have to be romantic. It can even be the relationship you have with yourself.

That said, a relationship that is built over years of bonding is much more devastating when it ends. The term, “let him/her down easy,” has never been more appropriate.

Below are some common reasons for suffering from a broken heart:

When you spend your life with someone, you form a deeply rooted emotional bond with them. A bond so strong that all other connections seem less important. This is a bond that can’t easily be broken. That is why it comes as such an emotional shock when the relationship ends. This isn’t true only for the person that was broken up with. The person that decided to leave can also fall victim to heartbreak.

That’s the thing about heartbreak, it knows no limits.

It is quite possible you will be left feeling as though you no longer have your own identity. Splitting from your partner is tough. You might be forced to spend time trying to figure out who you are and what you like again. Many have been known to fall into a depression, which makes them at greater risk for suicide.

Although, many suicides from 1999 to 2016 aren’t even because of mental health issues. Still, if the person is depressed because of a lost relationship, then they’re at greater risk. In this case, the depression isn’t caused by a chemical imbalance. Rather, it’s caused by a significant negative event in a person’s life.

It is time for a change. The country has to get a hold of the ever-increasing suicide rate. It seems the only effective way to go about doing this is through new cultural education. This education must be widespread among all age groups. It must also be broadcasted on news channels and social media platforms. This is because they are found to hold immense weight on a person’s decision making.

By focusing on the positive, we can change the narrative. By doing so, it highlights the positive and encourages community. In turn, this will help to reduce the suicide rate across the country. People will learn to come together during heartbreak instead of hiding in isolation.

It doesn’t just take a person committing suicide either. The dangers of a broken heart are still prevalent. It is possible for your broken heart to manifest into the physical plane in another way as well. Continue reading to learn more.

Is it possible? Can you die of a broken heart? In short, the answer is yes. There is what’s known as broken heart syndrome. It can lead to severe complications of the heart that can also lead to death.

The symptoms are eerily similar to that of a heart attack, so it gets misdiagnosed quite a bit. If it is left untreated, it could lead to dangerous arrhythmias or cardiogenic shock. This condition manifests when the heart is too weak to pump blood throughout the body on its own.

The good news about broken heart syndrome is that it is reversible. Immediate and proper medical treatment do wonders, not to mention a change in mood. The quicker you can heal and move on from a traumatic event, the better chance you have of reversing the condition before any real damage is done.

Experiencing symptoms of broken heart syndrome is serious. It is extremely important to seek professional medical treatment as soon as possible. You must know the symptoms so you can understand what to look for if you are ever in this heartbroken situation.

Below are some common symptoms of the condition:

You might feel as though the symptoms aren’t serious because they are seemingly brought on by superficial things. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Broken heart syndrome is proof that heartbreak can lead to physical damage. This is especially true if the pain is too intense to heal.

The dangers of a broken heart are undoubtedly real. The suicide rate has skyrocketed since the millennium. This is largely due to failed relationships. Self-care is crucial in times of traumatic stress. If you or someone you love is suffering from a traumatic break-up, divorce, or some other difficult loss, it is vital to find help.

Sometimes, listening to someone vent their feelings is enough to talk someone off the edge. However, this should always be followed up with professional care as well. It will ensure the necessary steps are being taken to heal properly from the traumatic event.

If the reason for the broken heart is cultural or societal, this could point to work that needs to be done on a personal level. When you are suffering from intense loneliness due to isolation from your community, you are advised to find ways to connect with those around you.

Too many people are affected by a broken heart each year, yet it is a feeling that isolates you to your core. When you suffer from a broken heart, it is insanely difficult to keep things in perspective. That said, it is a completely natural emotion that everyone experiences at one point or another in life.

Remember that you are never alone in your feelings. No matter how permanent something might feel, you will heal from this heartbreak. There are better things out there waiting for you. Allow yourself the opportunity to experience all that is in front of you. You can do this by first healing properly from your past heartbreaks. Your heart will thank you for it.

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